The Bloody Mary Tattler – December Edition

The Tattler - December edition

Hello friends! This issue of The Tattler comes to you from the floor of the Houston Airport. No, I haven’t had too many in-flight cocktails. I’m sitting down here next to the outlet so that all my devices can charge. I didn’t want to wait til I got home to bring you the very best Bloody Mary holiday gifts, places, and events money can buy!

I’m on my way home from visiting my daughter in Austin, where we took a whirlwind tour of what were supposedly the most ridiculous Bloody Marys in town. Turns out, they only roll out the “ridiculous” presentations once a month or so, and this was not that day, apparently. Needless to say, I’m very disappointed not to be able to show you photos of the ridiculousness. But never fear: I’ve put together a fairly ridiculous issue of The Tattler to make up for it.


December is…

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month – do your drinking at home!

Tomato and Winter Squash Month

Daily Observances

12/3 – 20th anniversary of the first text message ever. It said “Merry Christmas.”

12/4 – Santa’s List Day – were you naughty, or nice?

12/5 – Bathtub Party Day – the more, the merrier!

12/5 – Bartender Appreciation Day – perhaps offer him or her a bath.

12/5 – Repeal Day – The 21st Amendment passed, ending Prohibition. Cheers!

12/6 – Put On Your Own Shoes Day – I’m always so tempted by the assortment by the door at the “no shoes allowed” holiday party. Aren’t you?

12/7 – Pearl Harbor Day – a very good day to get bombed.

12/8 – Take It In The Ear Day – oh my!

12/11 – National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

12/12 – Festival of Unmentionable Thoughts

12/21 – Global Orgasm Day

12/23 – Festivus, for the rest of us

12/28 – Card Playing Day

12/29 – Pepper Pot Day

12/30 – National Bacon Day – an essential Bloody Mary ingredient, in my opinion.

12/31 – Make Up Your Mind Day – narrow your list of resolutions to just a few.


12/2 – I’m one of the featured sponsors at Women With Moxie, 6 to 8 pm at Secret Society in Portland, OR. There are tons of giveaways, so you stand an excellent chance of winning a nice prize. I’m holding a drawing for 2 gift baskets myself. $10 admission.

12/6 and 7 – I’m planning to drink my way through Seattle, beginning with Sam’s Tavern. Join me if you can!

Bloody Mary holiday road trip

Looks oh-so-naughty, but tastes so nice.


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If you order books from the aforementioned website during the month of December, you will receive a set of 4 cute coasters absolutely free (while supplies last). It's a Bloody Mary kind of Christmas!

Wanted: I love compliments, almost as much as I love vodka. If you’ve got one for me, there are lots of ways to do it. You can comment on this post. You can write something on the Facebook page. You can tweet it. You can tell me on Google+. Or, send me an email: See? Just that easy.


This month, for your holiday enjoyment, I’ve rounded up the best places to pick up a gift, pick up your spirits, or pick up a +1 for underneath the mistletoe.

* is a blog based in Wisconsin, which is pretty much the Bloody Mary mecca in this great nation. But they don’t limit their drinking to the Midwest. Far from it! If you’re travelling over the holidays, you’re going to want to check out what they think about the Bloodies at your destination.

* bloodybest covers everything you need to know about Bloody Mary culture in and around Chicago, and beyond. The rating system is based on taste, spiciness, treats, and creativity. Let their DIY recipes inspire you to greatness in all 4 categories.

* The Drunken Tomato delivers a fascinating article about how Bloody Marys make you a better lover. When you’re done reading it, go back and read all her stuff: she’s the bomb!

* bestbloodymaryblog reviews more mixes and recipes than you can shake a celery stick at.

* Country Mercantile is a smorgasbord of pickled delights. Mushrooms, garlic, asparagus, okra, beans, carrots…one-stop shopping for Bloody Mary garnishes.

* CyberCucina is the place to go for any type of olive your heart or tummy desires. There are some I hadn’t ever heard of before.

* The Best Hot Sauce has more varieties of Bloody Mary mix than I’ve seen anywhere, ranging from Bacon Cheeseburger flavor to burn-your-gizzard hot to all natural. They have hot sauces, too, arranged by country or origin. You’ll also find garnishes, rubs, marinades, salsas, recipes, and more, more, more!

* Fire Girl, Inc. is a purveyor of a stunning array of hot sauces. Don’t miss their Woman Power and Sexual Innuendo categories. Heck, the descriptions alone are worth a visit to their site.

* Crop Harvest Earth Co. makes lovely organic vodka varieties. If your local boozatorium doesn’t carry tomato- or cucumber-flavored vodka, you can order it here. You won’t be sorry you did.

* Dr. Cory’s Party Pax are pure genius. They’re little supplement packets that you take after a big night out to help you recover, and get you back in the game lickety-split. Dr. Cory knows what she’s talking about. She’s a naturopathic doctor who also likes going to Burning Man every year. Don’t go through another holiday season without Party Pax: because the guest who doesn’t hurl and can find their own way home is ALWAYS the hot one.

That reminds me…have you checked out my cocktail class yet? Here’s a little video that explains what it’s about.

I think that does it for December’s Tattler! Have a joyous holiday season, and thanks for being a loyal reader. I’ll have two or three big announcements just for you in the next month or so, so hang on to your swizzle sticks! Be safe, drink your veggies, and I’ll see you in January.



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