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Solving Life‘s Dilemmas One Bloody Mary At A Time

No matter what kind of day you’ve had, or what kind of night you have planned, there is a Bloody Mary that will set just the right mood. Let’s be honest: wine is boring. Martinis are soooo done. Beer is for frat boys. Bloody Marys are versatile, edgy, and user-friendly. So whether you’re watching carbs , watching porn, or just watching a sunset, you’re sure to find a Bloody Mary that’s perfect for the occasion.

You will:

  • discover 45 distinctive Bloody Mary recipes
  • understand their unique “personalities”
  • be able to craft a Bloody Mary for any mood or occasion
  • meet the real-life Bloody Marys that walk among us
  • dazzle your friends with Bloody Mary trivia, sightings, historical data, and urban legends
  • never look at vegetables the same way again



4 new reasons you'll want to detox with me

4 new reasons you'll want to detox with me

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